Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)

Open-Alt implements and supports Human Resources Management business solutions. We partner with our clients to furnish strategic tools and guidance. Our solutions have been designed to meet the distinctive and diverse requirements of all levels of your organization.

We provide an open source application that meets the HR needs of Mid - Large firms. A unified system that provides a single system-of-record for employees with inbuilt employee self-service, embedded Workflow, Analytics and Business Intelligence Engines to provide a user experience unlike any other enterprise application.

The open source solution we provide supports managing a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.


Provides the hiring team with greater visibility, configurable workflows, and a positive candidate experience. 

  • Unify workforce planning, sourcing, candidate management, and onboarding 
  • Enable transparency and collaboration across the entire hiring team 
  • Deliver rich headcount and pipeline analytics to help the hiring team find the best talent 
  • Deliver rich headcount and pipeline analytics to help the hiring team find the best talent 
  • Drive manager and candidate engagement and adoption through an intuitive user experience designed and optimized for mobile devices 
  • Engage candidates and employees through social recruiting, embedded throughout the platform 

Leave Management 

Managing attendance and leave policies can be an administrative nightmare if left to outdated, complex processes. The Leave Management module allows you to manage your organization's global time-off and absence policies through automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service. 

  • Track and report time-off requests, balances, and accruals in real time with seamless unification to Workday Time Tracking 
  • Automate rules and calculations to create a consistent language of absence functions across your organization 
  • Provide an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service interface for employees to actively check and request time off 
  • Empower managers and administrators with delivered reports and the ability to easily track their worker population across various leave types 


Ensuring that your global workforce is well trained and up to speed with the latest advances in their various fields is key to staff professional growth as well as your organization's overall performance. 

  • Plan on Training, manage training requisitions 
  • Budget for Training 
  • Match Training Opportunities to Staff 
  • Determine training needs of Staff 

Employee Relations 

Having a motivated, happy and content workforce is the cornerstone to building your global enterprise. The Employee Relations module manages the day-day welfare of your employees and ensures seamless management of the personnel resources. 

  • Ensure the Employee are well versed with their Benefits Packages 
  • Sort out Discipline cases throughout your global workforce 
  • Link employees with best placed openings depending on their choice of geographical work areas. 

Succession Planning 

The Succession Planning module provides simple and visual tools to help you build, manage, and evaluate succession plans for any essential jobs in your organization. 

  • Prepare your organization for the future by anticipating and avoiding critical leadership gaps 
  • Identify, compare, and develop qualified successors across teams, organizations, and borders 
  • Monitor successor readiness, flight risk, and the overall health of the succession pipeline 


The ePayroll module combines flexibility, control, and insight to support the unique aspects of your organization's specific requirements. 

  • Streamline and manage the entire payroll for all U.S. and Canadian workers 
  • Gain complete control over payroll business processes, data, and cost 
  • Leverage built-in analytics and reporting to easily drill into payroll details, analyze reports, and run audits